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Multimodal Freight & its specifics

Multimodal freight implies a tandem of various modes of cargo shipment. The process involves several types of transportation.

What is special about Multimodal freight – there’d be a single transporting document and a single through-rate.
Thus, the main characteristics of Multimodal Freight are:

  • Stage-by-stage employment of various freighting facilities;
  • Single operator’s responsibility for shipping, handling and safety of cargo;
  • Door-to-Door delivery.
Hence, conducting the process of Multimodal Freight is an extremely challenging task.

Multimodal freight forwarding requires:

  • Thorough routing;
  • Keeping the long chain of different freight carriers in synch;
  • Well-developed skills to foresee and avoid any potential complications on the route;
  • Taking into account the specifics of transported cargo as well as the client’s specific demands.
All this implies the highest level of professionalism and consolidation from a team involved with forwarding multimodal cargo.
Polar Star Logistics can certainly offer you that.

Multimodal Freight varieties

Various types of multimodal transport can be exploited in process of shipment.
Thus, Multimodal Freight is subdivided to:

Multimodal Road Freight (truck-to-truck) works something like this. The minor vehicles collects cargo from the client’s suppliers. For instance, one client’s goods travel most part of the way with high-tonnage vehicle. Upon unpacking the goods are delivered to the client’s customers with light vehicles.

Multimodal Air Freight (plane-to-plane). This type of freight is cost-effective only with rapid delivery of a small cargo. Then it generally makes sense.

Multimodal Rail Freight (rail-to-rail)is most convenient for long-distance shipments of big parties of goods. Therefore, it serves to reduce the costs of transportation considerably.

Multimodal Sea Freight (ship-to-ship)is the type of freight of certain specifics because it requires a continuous water route running from sender to receiver.

For practical reasons, the above types of freight are seldom applied in pure form. More common is their “fusion scheme”. As a result, it implies a mix of freighting modalities, meaning your cargo will travel with several modes of transport.

Example of Multimodal Freight of such combined type:

- Cargo is ocean shipped to a port and unloaded there.
- It proceeds by rail to the place of customs clearance.
- After customs clearance, it travels by road to the receiver(s).

There is often much higher level of complexity with Multimodal freight than in the given example. It certainly demands the highest level of control over the whole process.

Our Logistics Management team will tailor the most optimal scheme for your particular case of multimodal delivery. Above all, we have all the required skills and facilities to make sure your multimodal cargo arrives fast, safe and with no delays on the route.

The most notable trait of Multimodal Logistics is a single contract between the customer and the operator. The operator’s “must have” here are his direct contracts with rail-, road- and sea shipping companies. We certainly have such contracts. Our network of partners among cargo shippers worldwide is rather vast.

As a result this allows us to implement successfully even the most sophisticated cargo import and export schemes. For instance, we provide multimodal type of shipment to Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belorussia, Tadjikistan and many more destinations.

As your Freight Forwarder, we will deliver Multimodal Freight solutions to any cargo shipment. Our tailor-made schemes for Multimodal Cargo provides fast, seamless and cost-efficient delivery to any remote area.

Polar Star Logistics widest network of proven partners Worldwide, helps to implement cargo freight schemes of any level of complexity.

Contact Us today and get a professional, safe answer to your Multimodal cargo delivery.

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