PSL hosts Iftar for 200 people in Dubai Cargo Village.

During this special month of Ramadan, we were delighted to be able to host an Iftar meal for staff working in and around Dubai Cargo Village.

Around 200 people joined us at the Food Court in Dubai Cargo Village on 24th July to break their fast.
Our guests enjoyed a spread of fresh fruit and dates, juices and laban, and a feast of Mutton Biryani and Harees.

Muslims around the world fast from just before sunrise all the way through to sunset throughout the whole of the month of Ramadan. Iftar is the meal that breaks the fast as the sun begins to set. Traditionally, the fast is broken with dates and water, followed by a nutritious meal. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are encouraged to give in charity, do good deeds and to help feed those less fortunate than themselves.

Polar Star Logistics would like to Thank all those who joined us for the Iftar dinner and made the event such a success. We’d also like to thank our Team for helping us to organise the dinner and, of course, our loyal customers, without whom we would not be able to share our success.