Kazakhstan Touching Heights in the Logistics & Freight Forwarding world!

9tSeptember 2021- Kazakhstan joins the WLP and becomes the 3rd Country to joining hands with Dubai for a hassle-free logistics service.

Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country and the ninth largest country globally that has uplifted itself to a new height in the logistics & freight forwarding industry. It has joined the World Logistics Passport (WLP) in 2021, a significant step by the government to establish an increasing opportunity in the growing market. 

Kazakhstan is the 3rd country to formally join hands with Dubai to have a hassle-free trade flow around the globe. Almaty, the major commercial city of Kazakhstan, and Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, has seen a boom in freight forwarding and logistics services as companies are willing to import and export a variety of commodities in the country due to the surge of demand in the market.

Polar Star Logistics has been the most preferred innovative logistics and freight forwarding company for a decade. It is one of the top Dubai shipping companies that provide cargo services, shipping, and end-to-end logistics for different commodities. It has seen a drastic change in the destination preferences for Kazakhstan. Polar Star Logistics has refined its services as per the demand of its various clients, especially to destinations like Almaty (ALA) and Nur Sultan (NQZ). 

During the crucial time of pandemic when the globe was at a standstill, Kazakhstan has managed to mold itself in a phase of growth and opportunities in the Logistics Industry. Logistics being the most essential yet crucial element of any business, has opened the doors for Kazakhstan to the world of success. As a result, Almaty will become a core hub of Kazakhstan for the Logistics and freight forwarding industry.