Aeroflot Now Scheduling flights from Russia to Seychelles

As the post-pandemic steadily opens opportunities for many Airlines, Aeroflot also has started its services to Seychelles to create a wide range of opportunities for the logistics and freight forwarding industries.

Aeroflot, 98 years experienced Russian Company with a wide range of networks, commenced its services to SEZ to a total count of 146 destinations. The airline will now be flying wide-body flights to Seychelles (SEZ) twice a week from Russia. 

This decision will help in growing new opportunities and on-time delivery in the particular destination. Polar Star Logistics being a representative of Aeroflot in UAE promoting SEZ and started accepting shipments to cater Seychelles market.

During Pandemic, airlines were flying a mix of narrow and widebody flights to many vital destinations to provide their clients the options to move essential cargo to their clients and loved ones. And with the winter schedule, SU resumed widebody flights to several destinations, including non-stop daily flights to Dubai. 

Our team successfully and diligently working with the Airlines and freight forwarding partners to make the venture fruitful. So, contact us with all your enquiries, and we are here to assist you with a smile. Remember, from Skyline to Shoreline; we are here to service you.