Welcome to The Polar Star Shuttle

Let us introduce you to the ancient daredevils of logistics!


Hey, you. Yes, you! 

Welcome aboard the Polar Star shuttle. We know ‘tis the season, but this shuttle isn’t headed to the North Pole. Instead, we’re taking you to a place much, much far away. So, put on your sunnies and buckle up. The next station is Dubai, 630 AD. 

This was an interesting time in the history of international logistics – a time when air travel didn’t exist and maritime trade routes weren’t as evolved. Dubai didn’t even have a name! Yet, much like today’s times, it held a prime position – a position of power – thanks to Camel Caravans.

Don’t know about you, but we almost want to high-five these humped-back daredevils of the desert who can survive up to 15 days without water. Actually, these camels are the original founding fathers of logistics and supply chain, thanks to their ability of long-distance travel of 48 kms per day! What’s even more interesting is the fact that they can carry as many as 240 kgs, which is 4 times the capacity of horses, donkeys, and mules. Back in the day, lifespan was also an aspect where camels outshone their peers – the difference wasn’t 5 or 10, we’re talking 20-25 years!

Given these strengths, camels were considered to be assets, especially by the Bedouins from the old-world Arabian region, the present-day UAE. They would travel with a fleet of up to 500 camels, comprising of one caravan, to transport commodities like wool, cotton fabrics, tea, manufactured goods, etc., for sale in Xinjiang and Mongolia. Most of these caravans travelled in winter when the Middle Eastern sun was somewhat sympathetic. And in the times when the journey took a toll, by being too long and tedious, the travellers resorted to fondly reciting a chanted form of poetry, popularly known as the Taghrooda, to escape the solitude and monotony. 

Because of camel caravans, Dubai was able to strategically realize its geographical advantage and become the indispensable link between the East and the West on the Silk Road. Since traders found it much easier to move goods via the Arabian region, Dubai experienced a massive influx of not just silk, spices, tea, ivory, cotton, etc., but also of people, cultures, ideas, and skills. Was it this that prompted the creation of “the melting pot” – of cultures, ethnicities, and all things diverse and wonderful – that Dubai today is? You tell us!

Be it the era of Camel Caravans or the modernistic times of today, Dubai isn’t going to stop progressing – not now, not ever. And neither are we. Being a part of its rich lineage of logistics and freight forwarding, we, the folks at Polar Star Logistics, will continue to create prompt end-to-end logistics solutions. 

What else can we promise? Well, we’ll never leave you on blue tick – even when you want to send shipments to offbeat places where no one else delivers. Pinky swear! You should also know that we’re kind-of the clingy type. We will offer, more like smother, you with solutions and insights for all your logistics and freight-forwarding needs, always. Can we interest you in another fun fact? Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop is our anthem. We’ve been flying consistently, come what may. Bad weather, recessions, even pandemics, have got nothing on us!  

Wanna know more about what we do? Or wanna get another scoop from the world of logistics? Or wanna go for a camel caravan ride?

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