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Chemicals & Raw materials shipment

The shipment of Chemicals and its Raw Materials is considered as one of the world’s most challenging task owing to its complexity and meticulous handling. It requires proper handling, freight procurement and management, documentation, labelling and packing in chemical storage facility while also being checked by the dangerous goods specialists. Hence, all in all, it's really a tough nut to crack that can’t be just handed over to anyone.

There would be a lot of companies out there that’d be ready to assist you in shipping your chemicals and raw materials from one place to another, but it is only Polar Star Logistics that can do the task professionally and proficiently. 

Why? Because we are capable of handling the task with full responsibility, complete transparency and absolute flexibility. Polar Star Logistics is a leader in transporting chemicals and raw materials via Air, Land and Sea with utmost precision and profound care.

When it comes to chemicals shipment, the world relies on PSL. Understanding the importance of safety and reliability in such matters our dedicated team is readily available to offer safe and efficient supply chain solutions. Stepping into the advanced world of logistics, PSL believes in the provision of ideal solutions such as that of contract logistics, where the companies can track, monitor and hence manage their shipment from start till end i.e. from the very early stage of production to distribution and further to the final point of sale.    

Currently, the company is operating in Dubai and Tashkent which we strive to expand above and beyond these borders in the times to come in order to facilitate the world at large.

PSL’s expertise in chemical and raw material shipment includes:
  • Chemicals
  • Lubricants 
  • Fertilisers 
  • Pesticides 
  • Pharmaceuticals and so much more 

Solutions we provide

We pride ourselves in offering variant solutions for Chemicals and Raw materials shipment, among which the most noteworthy are;

  • Specialist handling of products by DG trained chemical logistics experts 
  • Safety management and risk assessment 
  • Ensure safe transportation from start to end
  • Skilled and experienced staff
  • Ensure the completion of task on time and hassle-free
  • 24/7 Tracking option of cargo for clients
  • In person documentation and packing of hazardous materials
  • Customer care service all day, every day 
Dangerous Goods trained specialists 
We have on board with us the DG trained chemical logistics experts who have complete know-how of the national and international rules pertaining to the movement of hazardous chemicals from one place to another place, safely and efficiently.
Apart from the hazardous chemicals PSL also deals in the transportation of non-hazardous chemical substances through IMO2 carrying virtually the whole range of liquid cargo. 

Tailoring managed freight solutions for one and all

By Air...
Polar Star Logistic having been certified by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) is, therefore, able to ship chemicals by air in complete accordance with the set standards and fixated rules.
By Sea...
Considering our esteemed clients’ preferences we also offer the services of shipment through chemical tanker or oil chemical tanker. Such tankers are used for the transportation of chemicals, petroleum products as well as palm oil, vegetable oil and methanol etc. 
By Land...
Chemicals shipment via land is yet another option we care to offer our clients owing to their need and want.

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