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Energy & Power industry

Polar Star Logistics provides shoreline to skyline cargo services for the Energy and Power industry. Our ideal location in Dubai, UAE (for Middle East Region) and Tashkent, Uzbekistan (CIS) is an excellent solution for cargo goods shipment for various industries. Such as Energy and Power, Oil and Gas, Mining, Government Projects, Chemicals and Raw materials, many more. 

Most problems in shipping services can be avoided by an experienced freight forwarder before they can even arise. This is how Polar Star Logistics is known for - it's being versatile. Send and deliver the surest way you can with Polar Star Logistics. 

What would you like to know about us? Why we are good with cargo shipment for Energy and Power Industry? 
International and local shippers know the services we have from Air freight to Ocean freight, Door to Door, port to port, to customs clearance, and Warehousing. We pay attention to all of these.

How we ship

Goods can be sent or delivered in different ways. We provide air freight, sea freight, rail/road - multimodal means of transporting goods and services. This would mean you can always have a choice whether you want the goods to be sent or received on time. 

Air freight offers a choice in delivery speeds. Our Ship freight, on the other hand, has something to with large quantities of goods. We make sure all bulk items for delivery are packed and secured before they can sail to their distinct destinations. This is more cost-savvy than air travels. 

For Rail or Road freight - goods to be transported by land. This is very efficient. With these multimodal shipping services, consolidated goods go and arrive on time. No more hassles. Our multimodal way of transportation is an excellent solution for shipment of larger volumes and size freights for long distance travels.

Where we ship

We move your containers shipment in different continents around the globe - Asia, Africa, North and South America, even in Europe. This is how extensive our scope is in delivering cargo services truthfully. We ship orders to consignee therein. PSL has the finest culture in terms of freight services. While our goal is on the trends that connect these markets, we are also trying our best to get more access to a larger pool.

What we ship

We can ship different types of cargo such as power generation/hydropower solar and wind systems, transmission and distribution systems etc..). PSL also consider the fact that each type of cargo has its own method of transport especially hazardous goods and heavy lift cargo.  

Let us know if you have goods to be shipped.  Be sure you already have your shipping details before heading to us. Know what you’re shipping, its value, weight, size, when you’re planning to ship, and include them to and from whereabouts. 
Finally, trust that all shipments will be handled with the utmost care because we are excellent in handling and supervising. 

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